Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Likely Stream date and game library

For likely stream dates it will probably be the first week of august I will make a video a day or two ahead of time when I know 100%.

Game library: Any game I own or can be emulated(provide rom for me please) can be requested but massive multiplayer games..at least on my computer(it lags too much) any other game is alright even ones I hate(however I won't ateam games I am lping)

games I own
crash 1 to 3 and twinsanity, street fighter 2-3 super 4 alpha collection ex 1 ex 3, Soul blade, soul calibur 1-4, Sonic anniversary collection gems collection shuffle adventure 1 2 06 unleashed secret rings heroes, tekken 6, virtua fighter 5, kensi sacred fist, Bushido blade 1 & 2 World Heroes collection, dark cloud 1-2, rouge galaxy, final fantasy X-2 and 12, katamari demacey, simpsons game, smackdown vs raw 06-10, MVC2, capcom vs snk 2, capcom fighting evo, DBZ tenkai 3 budikai 2-3 infinite world, super, raging blast, folklore, gungrave & gungrave OD, ape escape 2-3, Infamous, Prototype, Art of fighting collection, Fatal fury collection vol 1 & 2, Samurai showdown collection, Metal gear solid 1-4, samurai showdown 1 2 ,dynasty warriors 1 6, orochi warriors 1 2, Gundam dynasty warriors 1 2, gundam vs zeta, fed vs zeon, gundam battle assault 2, zoids battle legends, resident evil 0-5 outbreak 1-2 and dead aim, silent hill, metal slug collection, sneak king, crimson tears, urban reign, powerstone 2, RPG maker 2-3, Snk arcade collection, namco collection, rave masters, mario 1 2 japan 2 3 world NSMBwii galaxy 1 2 sunshine and 64, yoshi story, kirby for nes dreamland 3 superstar and 64, king of fighter 94-03 xi 06, Tenchu wrath of heaven Fatal shadows Z and the wii one, brawl, no more heroes, viewtiful joe 1-2, silent hill 3, megaman colelction and X collection, pysconauts, beyond good and evil, persona 4 and that's all that I can remember

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