Tuesday, August 3, 2010


can only done via paypal that will be in the topic of the stream the day of the stream

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

date for drunk stream

The date will be sometime this week most likely expect it to be on Wednesday or Thursday this week. My work schedule may alter the date of course. I will most likely start streaming either 6pm or 7pm est

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

games I forgot

a few I know I forgot and lord knows why

Rival schools, project justice(the sequel to rival schools..no I am serious) Sword of the Berserk, Marvel ultimate alliance 1 and 2, sega genesis collection(ps3)

these are all great dunno why they slipped my mind

Likely Stream date and game library

For likely stream dates it will probably be the first week of august I will make a video a day or two ahead of time when I know 100%.

Game library: Any game I own or can be emulated(provide rom for me please) can be requested but massive multiplayer games..at least on my computer(it lags too much) any other game is alright even ones I hate(however I won't ateam games I am lping)

games I own
crash 1 to 3 and twinsanity, street fighter 2-3 super 4 alpha collection ex 1 ex 3, Soul blade, soul calibur 1-4, Sonic anniversary collection gems collection shuffle adventure 1 2 06 unleashed secret rings heroes, tekken 6, virtua fighter 5, kensi sacred fist, Bushido blade 1 & 2 World Heroes collection, dark cloud 1-2, rouge galaxy, final fantasy X-2 and 12, katamari demacey, simpsons game, smackdown vs raw 06-10, MVC2, capcom vs snk 2, capcom fighting evo, DBZ tenkai 3 budikai 2-3 infinite world, super, raging blast, folklore, gungrave & gungrave OD, ape escape 2-3, Infamous, Prototype, Art of fighting collection, Fatal fury collection vol 1 & 2, Samurai showdown collection, Metal gear solid 1-4, samurai showdown 1 2 ,dynasty warriors 1 6, orochi warriors 1 2, Gundam dynasty warriors 1 2, gundam vs zeta, fed vs zeon, gundam battle assault 2, zoids battle legends, resident evil 0-5 outbreak 1-2 and dead aim, silent hill, metal slug collection, sneak king, crimson tears, urban reign, powerstone 2, RPG maker 2-3, Snk arcade collection, namco collection, rave masters, mario 1 2 japan 2 3 world NSMBwii galaxy 1 2 sunshine and 64, yoshi story, kirby for nes dreamland 3 superstar and 64, king of fighter 94-03 xi 06, Tenchu wrath of heaven Fatal shadows Z and the wii one, brawl, no more heroes, viewtiful joe 1-2, silent hill 3, megaman colelction and X collection, pysconauts, beyond good and evil, persona 4 and that's all that I can remember

Friday, July 2, 2010

Drunk Stream news

the poll is not finished but I wanted to make sure you know HOW to donate. In order to do so you must use PAYPAL cause it is the most secure way of doing so. Rethink your vote if you can not do this

rules for the stream
in my next blog I will post all games available for streaming and hopefully the stream date. I cannot play TF2 or Counter strike due to them being online and the lag being horrid. If the game is covered by your donation I can play it but if I do not own it and it costs money/I have to drive to get it(I will not drive drunk) Anything else is game even if I HATE the game. I can also do movies or shows for the length of time you donate for. I will stop drinking to avoid dangerous levels but will still play/watch and riff what ever is donated for

Money marks: the amount to donate to make me do various stupid things

5.00: will play/watch requested item for 30 minutes and I will take a drink
10.00: an hour take 2 drinks
15.00: will take 3 drinks and play the game act whatever character you please will stream requested thing for and extra 15 minutes
20.00: play/watch requested item for a 2 hours and take 4 drinks
you can add more money for more time but here are some alternatives as well
35: guest in a part of one of my current lps
40: do a Tv show commentary with me(show of your choice has to be no longer then 30 minutes)

if I some how reach 200.00 I will let's play BLIND with LIVE commentary Super Mario Sunshine for the gamecube

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drunk Stream(important)

having trouble sleeping so I figured I'd let everyone in on what I was hinting in one of my previous entries. I have been planing on a Drunk Donation Stream. I have been getting shit hours work wise(only two days a week) and I need money to pay bills and crap. As well as get equipment I want for future videos. Of course I am more worried about the bills so most of my money goes to bills. Anywho here is the basic idea of the stream. Basically donate money pick a game for me to play, I take a drink and play it for a period of time. In future posts I'll iron out rules and amounts. I first want to know if anyone would be interested in this. I only want to do this if people are willing to donate since otherwise it will be a waste of everyone's time. I put a second poll up near the old one for you to vote.

If interested I'll put up a list of all my CURRENTLY owned streamable games in a furure entry

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stream unlikely this week

I was called into work for saturday and I know I won't stream friday. So sorry no stream again. Hey I got bills up the butt to pay so I am more worried about that. Sorry folks

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Future projects

Updates are orginized into paragraphs. First sentence will tell you what it's about so you know to skip or not.

Alright I think first thing I should address is streams. As you probably noticed I've been on a streaming hiatus. I plan on trying to have one this friday or saturday(probably saturday cause my grandma's birthday is friday)

As for lps I am more focused currently on Legends since I started it first. Legends can be a pain to edit since I doubt you people like watching me just walk back and fourth on the island. Xmen origins is on the backburner while legends and sonic are the more prominte. consider Xmen origins a taste of how it will be handled. Gundam will resume but since I REALLY don't want to tick of my mother(she HATES the voices I do) I need to wait to do them when she or others are not in the house(it's fine if my brothers are. They could careless) Also I will probably have a poll for what game to do next as a main after legends is done.

For non-lp vids I want to work on the prototype review(a video one. Bug me via pms to keep me reminded) also I am going to make a top 10 most annoying fighting game bosses. Since I have played WAY too many fighters over the years. I wanna state right now Seth from Street fighter will NOT make the list...he's not that tough.

Lastly I am turning 21 soon so I am planing something for after words. I will post more details after such and I figure out what I am doing, when, and if you guys are intrested.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I made this

Well considering some of my fallowers have twitter and fallow more people then my I decided to make this for better updates. While twitter maybe faster you may not always catch it so I made this. Blogs will usually be me announcing new projects, putting up polls for viewers to be able to affect how my videos are done, general ramblings, and mini reviews. I hope this wasn't too TL/DR and you enjoy this