Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drunk Stream(important)

having trouble sleeping so I figured I'd let everyone in on what I was hinting in one of my previous entries. I have been planing on a Drunk Donation Stream. I have been getting shit hours work wise(only two days a week) and I need money to pay bills and crap. As well as get equipment I want for future videos. Of course I am more worried about the bills so most of my money goes to bills. Anywho here is the basic idea of the stream. Basically donate money pick a game for me to play, I take a drink and play it for a period of time. In future posts I'll iron out rules and amounts. I first want to know if anyone would be interested in this. I only want to do this if people are willing to donate since otherwise it will be a waste of everyone's time. I put a second poll up near the old one for you to vote.

If interested I'll put up a list of all my CURRENTLY owned streamable games in a furure entry

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