Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I made this

Well considering some of my fallowers have twitter and fallow more people then my I decided to make this for better updates. While twitter maybe faster you may not always catch it so I made this. Blogs will usually be me announcing new projects, putting up polls for viewers to be able to affect how my videos are done, general ramblings, and mini reviews. I hope this wasn't too TL/DR and you enjoy this


  1. Looking forward to future blog post. Seeing as how Tolstoy's Last Stand (owned by the same person I mentioned to you but never gave the link to) hasn't been updated for months so this should be kind of a refreshment.

    And yes, this is the same JLCL from teh Youtubz ("00" & "01" HUR HUR)

  2. First of all. Hurr Hurr is copyrighted.

    Second of all, great idea starting a blog. No lie. :D