Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Future projects

Updates are orginized into paragraphs. First sentence will tell you what it's about so you know to skip or not.

Alright I think first thing I should address is streams. As you probably noticed I've been on a streaming hiatus. I plan on trying to have one this friday or saturday(probably saturday cause my grandma's birthday is friday)

As for lps I am more focused currently on Legends since I started it first. Legends can be a pain to edit since I doubt you people like watching me just walk back and fourth on the island. Xmen origins is on the backburner while legends and sonic are the more prominte. consider Xmen origins a taste of how it will be handled. Gundam will resume but since I REALLY don't want to tick of my mother(she HATES the voices I do) I need to wait to do them when she or others are not in the house(it's fine if my brothers are. They could careless) Also I will probably have a poll for what game to do next as a main after legends is done.

For non-lp vids I want to work on the prototype review(a video one. Bug me via pms to keep me reminded) also I am going to make a top 10 most annoying fighting game bosses. Since I have played WAY too many fighters over the years. I wanna state right now Seth from Street fighter will NOT make the list...he's not that tough.

Lastly I am turning 21 soon so I am planing something for after words. I will post more details after such and I figure out what I am doing, when, and if you guys are intrested.

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