Friday, July 2, 2010

Drunk Stream news

the poll is not finished but I wanted to make sure you know HOW to donate. In order to do so you must use PAYPAL cause it is the most secure way of doing so. Rethink your vote if you can not do this

rules for the stream
in my next blog I will post all games available for streaming and hopefully the stream date. I cannot play TF2 or Counter strike due to them being online and the lag being horrid. If the game is covered by your donation I can play it but if I do not own it and it costs money/I have to drive to get it(I will not drive drunk) Anything else is game even if I HATE the game. I can also do movies or shows for the length of time you donate for. I will stop drinking to avoid dangerous levels but will still play/watch and riff what ever is donated for

Money marks: the amount to donate to make me do various stupid things

5.00: will play/watch requested item for 30 minutes and I will take a drink
10.00: an hour take 2 drinks
15.00: will take 3 drinks and play the game act whatever character you please will stream requested thing for and extra 15 minutes
20.00: play/watch requested item for a 2 hours and take 4 drinks
you can add more money for more time but here are some alternatives as well
35: guest in a part of one of my current lps
40: do a Tv show commentary with me(show of your choice has to be no longer then 30 minutes)

if I some how reach 200.00 I will let's play BLIND with LIVE commentary Super Mario Sunshine for the gamecube

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